Create Assessment Tasks

This article is for Administrators and Teachers

There are several benefits in using the Assessment module for Teachers and Admins:

  • The ability to set a due date and due time for the Assessment set.

  • The ability to see when a Student hands in their work.

Setting up an Assessment Task

  • Navigate to Curriculum>Tasks.

  • Click on the Create Task button.

  • Enter the Task Name

    • This will be visible to parents and students when they log in.

  • Set the Task Type as Assessment.

  • Enter a Description of the Assessment you are setting.

  • Select whether you wish to set a Due Date

    • If no Due Date is set, the Assessment Task will be available for submissions until the Class expires, which is usually the end of the year.

    • Select whether to allow Late Submissions. If this option is unticked, Students cannot hand in their work after the entered due date.

  • The Student Task Understanding Scale to use option, will ask Students to rate their understanding of the task, using a simple thumbs up / thumbs down rating scale.

  • Release task to students and parents to allow them to see and action the task when they login to uEducateUs...

    • This can be done later on, after the Assessment Task is created if you wish.

  • You can select to send notifications to the relevant class Teachers on creation of the task.

  • In the Classes and Students section, select the Classes this Task is for, then click on Populate Student List

    • A list of the individual Students within these Classes will appear…

      • All students are selected by default, so if required, deselect any students that do not need to do the task.

Once you click the Create button, you will be taken to the View Task page…

The Overview tab will detail the following:

  • Teachers who have access to this Task.

  • The Classes to which the Task has been assigned.

  • The date the Task was assigned to the Classes.

  • The date the Task is due.

  • The date the task was released to parents and students…

    • If the Task has not been released yet, you are able to click the Release Task button from here.

    • If the Task has been released but it needs to be edited…

      • Click the Unrelease Task button to edit the task.

  • To the top right will be a cog-wheel icon, which when clicked will display more actions for this Task…

    • Edit Task - will allow the details of the task to be edited.

    • Delete Task - will delete the task completely.

The Grade Students tab gives you the ability to grade the students, as well as detailing the following:

  • All Students who have been assigned the Task.

  • The current Status of the Task.

  • Whether or not the Student has actioned the Task.

  • The date the Student submitted their work, if applicable.

  • Their result, when applicable.

To grade students

  • Tick the checkboxes next to the Students to be marked.

  • Click the Grade Selected button.

  • Click the Score drop-list next to each Student to assign their grade…

    • If the same grade is to apply to all students, click the drop list next to the Apply to All button at the top of the screen…

      • Select the grade to apply to all students

      • Click apply.

  • Click the Feedback Comment button below each Student to open a textbox within which a feedback comment can be written…

    • If the same feedback is to be given to every student…

      • Select Yes for the Give the same feedback to students? setting

        • This will open a textbox to write a feedback comment which will apply to all students.

    • For both individual and bulk student feedback comments, a document containing the comment can be uploaded if required.

    • The Give no feedback checkboxes are optional.

    • Once the students are graded and feedback has been given…

      • Click the Save button to update.