ILP settings and setup

  This article is for Administrators

Before you begin to create a Independent Learning Plan (ILP) we recommend that you decide on what format and content you wish to include in your schools ILP's.


From the main menu, click:

  • Management > Advanced > School Preferences > Individual Learning Plans

Independent Learning Plan settings

By default, your ILP will always include the following sections:

  • Section 1 (Entry Skills)

  • Section 4 (Success Measures)

Enabling additional content areas

You can enable an additional two ILP content areas by placing a Mark in:

  • Section 2

  • Section 3

Customise section headings

You can customise your section headings by entering your own heading in the text box under each of the following section headings:

  • Section 1 (Entry Skills)

  • Section 2

  • Section 3

Customising Scoring

You can choose your preferred goal achievement scoring to use by selecting it from the supplied drop list. Your option are:

  • Satisfactory rating

  • Number Rating

Both scoring tables are displayed below the drop list

Display Image

You can choose what image you wish to display on your ILP:

  • No Image

  • Student Photo

  • School Logo (Default)


  • Click Save to save your changes.

Only new ILP’s will use these setting. Existing ILP will continue to use the settings that applied to them when they were created.