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This FAQ tutorial is for : Administrators


If semester reports include class scores on the same page, it’s sometimes useful to include or hide the class headings.

Administrators can make this choice under Reporting:


Step one: view F-10 report management

Include Page
login and view the main menu
login and view the main menu

  • Click Reporting > F-10 > Management.

Step two: semester report class labels

  • Click Semester Reports.

  • Scroll down to Printed Student Reports for Years Prep to 10.10…

  • Enable Click All class scores are displayed on the same page.Choose Yes or No for Show class page.

Step three: disable class headings with subject comments (optional)

Class headings may be unnecessary if you’re including class scores on the same page.

  • Click No to disable …class headings for subject comments on printed student reports.

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