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The Reader module allows Students to record their reading sessions, which Parents are able to view and approve.

Accessing the Reader Module and Checking Entries

  • Navigate to Curriculum>Reader.

  • If you have more than one child, each of them will be listed in this screen. Click on the View Child’s Reader button to view their entries.

  • Individual entries are displayed in the Reader tab.

    • New entries which have not been signed off by a Parent, Teacher or Student will be in an Awaiting Sign Off state, and are highlighted in yellow:

      • In this state, you are able to edit any details of the entry.

      • To approve the Reader entry and sign off, click the Save button.

      • Once the entry is saved, it can be edited again by clicking the Edit button however it will revert back to the Awaiting Sign Off state.

    • Entries that have been signed off by a Parent, Teacher or Administrator will be highlighted in green.

      • The entry will list the name of the Parent, Teacher or Administrator who signed it off.

    • You are able to create entries on your child’s behalf, which will automatically be signed off by you upon completion.

  • The Summary tab lists the books read by the Student, the time spent reading per each book, and when the book was last read.